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Junkers Ju 87B front view.

It’s so smiley:)

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Red Army tactical exercise.

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Tanks left to rust at an open air museum on the Island of Zheltukhin, just south of Vladivostok, at the Sea of Japan.


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USS Iowa being fitted out at the New York Naval Shipyard, Fall 1942.

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Consolidated B-24J-150-CO Liberator 44-40210 854th BS, 491st BG, 8th AF Hit by light-flak on the September 18,1944 low-level supply drop mission for the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions in the area of Eindhoven, Holland. The plane was badly hit in the right wing and the pilot, Capt. James K. Hunter, decided to belly her into a field, but lost the #3 engine at an altitude of 50 ft, causing the right wing to dip low enough to touch the ground.” Source: D. Sheley on Flickr

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Dauntless taking off from the US carrier Independence. Circa 1943

(One of my favourite followers/person I follow posts daily Spitfires. I’m going to do the same with my favourite plane)

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PNY KF770GTX2GEPB - GeForce GTX 770 2 Go XLR8 OC http://dlvr.it/6RqSz6


Char 2C, destroyed French tank giant

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Crashed PBY Catalina

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